What we do & Helpers

What We Do:

Kipling County Carriage Driving Group RDA
A Company Limited by Guarantee, and exempt from using the word ‘Limited.’

Charity Registered No: 1131649. Company Registered No: 7007788.

Kipling Carriage Driving Group, established in 1995, is a registered charity and a member of RDA (Riding for the Disabled). Kipling Carriage Driving Group is also a company limited by guarantee. Our aim is to provide facilities for disabled members to enjoy and discover the delights of carriage driving, and develop their own skills and sense of independence.

The Group own two especially trained horses and several adapted carriages, some of which are capable of taking wheelchairs. Usually, to meet the needs of the group, additional trained horses are brought along to our meetings. Great emphasis is placed upon safety and every member is accompanied by a Companion Whip who will have passed the carriage driving standards set by RDA. Other volunteers also provide additional safety support in the field.

The Group meets every Monday at the end of Sheepcote Lane, near Chalvington. Co-ords: 50.868662, 0.173904 Contact details are in the “Diary” page of this website.

A second group was created in 2015 to specifically meet the needs of Baronsmede members, and meets every Thursday at 10.00am, also at Chalvington. Contact details are also in the “Diary” page of this website.

The Group (both Monday & Thursday) attend local shows throughout the year, which may include competitions. In previous years our members have competed at Windsor,  at the National Championships around the UK, and represented Great Britain internationally at the Paralympics.

The Group are always in need of helpers who are encouraged to work as a team, and also to improve their own carriage driving skills.

Should you feel you wish to lend your support, then please do so by contacting Hanka Davey on 01424-838269.

Our Helpers:

Anonymous quote from someone at the Paralympics:-
Just because volunteers are unpaid, it doesn’t make them worthless, it makes them priceless”

We are very very keen to recruit more helpers – please invite a friend along to help others enjoy the outdoors.

 Useful link for those looking for more competitions:- http://www.oaksdrivingclub.com/

Please be reminded that the official finish time for driving sessions is 12.30pm and although members may have left at that time, volunteers are asked if they would be good enough to stay a little longer to help clear up, with a view to finishing by 13.00pm.